Learning at work is broken, and you're feeling the pain.

Spekit is the new way modern teams learn at work. Meet Spekit and maximize your investment in your people, processes, and technology.

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Teams large and small use Spekit to drive productivity, save time, and accelerate ramp.


Why just-in-time learning?



Content, knowledge, and training delivered when and where you need it



Easy to update, consume, and scale important, bite-sized, and timely information



Personalized to increase knowledge retention and individual performance

Spekit is the new way modern teams learn at work

  • Embed knowledge exactly where it's needed

  • Find answers with one click from any tool

  • In-app alerts help you drive change management

  • Bite-sized assessments help you measure impact 

What our customers say

There are great things that somebody who has been in sales for ten years could tell you instantly. But to have something like Spekit, which is almost a mini sales coach, ever-present across all your different software platforms is priceless.

Our sales reps love Spekit, because if someone shares a best practice or process change in Slack, I turn it into a Spek in less than a minute, and reps can quickly access that information and use it themselves.

Using Spekit means we can now deliver information right when the rep needs it, reducing retraining requirements and driving a much higher return-on-effort from my enablement team.

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